‘100 Poems to Save the Earth’

Edited by ZoĆ« Brigley & Kristian Evans This is a fascinating anthology, for a number of reasons. The first is, perhaps, the breadth of knowledge of contemporary poetry displayed by the editors who have compiled it for Seren. They have scoured not only well-trodden poetical paths, but much less well-known by-ways too. In this wayContinue reading “‘100 Poems to Save the Earth’”

‘Poems for the year 2020’

Delighted to report that myself and 79 other poets have been anthologised in this timely offering put together by Merryn Williams and now available from Shoestring Press. It deals with the pandemic and lockdown. You might think that would make it a bit samey. Not a bit: I was amazed at the plethora of approachesContinue reading “‘Poems for the year 2020’”

Poems : Corbyn

Two opportunities upcoming in October to enjoy fresh-minted poetry and music and support Corbyn, courtesy of the excellent Shoestring Press. See reproduced posters below for dates, times, poets reading etc – For some reason this second one won’t display as a proper poster – but click the link: it does work. To save those ofContinue reading “Poems : Corbyn”

Merryn Williams: literary all-rounder

Merryn Williams: literary all-rounder Let me recommend Merryn William’s new website to you. Merryn knows an awful lot about an an awful lot of things. She is an excellent poet and translator. She sings the songs of the unsung. You will learn something you didn’t already know when you visit Merryn’s website. Enjoy!

In a time before this …

In the old century, when unicorns and hypogryffs still roamed a pastoral Britain (oh, alright – in the 1990s you unromantic lot) I managed to get a couple of pieces into the excellent magazine ‘The Interpreter’s House’. It’s great that the mag is still going – and still under the caring and careful editorial handContinue reading “In a time before this …”