‘Dancing at the Asylum’ by Marilyn Ricci

This is a poetry project which explores the concept of mental health, those enormous and dour mental institutions which used to dot the countryside until the turn of the last century, and leaves one wondering anew what happens to the people who used to be committed there, who are now cared for in the community.Continue reading “‘Dancing at the Asylum’ by Marilyn Ricci”

Blowing other people’s trumpets

How lovely it is to be able to post someone else’s success! My friend and poet Marilyn Ricci has recently had her first pamphlet published by Happenstance Press. It’s called Rebuilding A Number 39 and costs £4 from http://www.happenstancepress.com.  You can also order it through major bookshops.  Happenstance publish a magazine called Sphinx every few months which Continue reading “Blowing other people’s trumpets”