Book review: ‘Blood Red Sand’ by Damien Larkin

Genre: Alternative/future history Description: This novel is set in the same milieu as Larkin’s debut novel Big Red which came out in 2019. I have not read that book, but felt very little adrift not knowing its content. Blood Red Sand stands satisfactorily alone. Apparently Blood Red Sand is a prequel, so if you enjoyContinue reading “Book review: ‘Blood Red Sand’ by Damien Larkin”

Review: ‘We Have Met The Enemy’ by Felicia Watson

The title of this book is a quote which in full reads “we have met the enemy and he is us”. It first occurred (as is vouchsafed towards the end of the book) in Walt Kelly’s Pogo cartoon, an award-winning strip syndicated in American newspapers between 1948 and 1975. In the novel Walt Kelly isContinue reading “Review: ‘We Have Met The Enemy’ by Felicia Watson”