Event at StonyWords6 last week

It went very well, thank you for asking. I got a chance to scrawl nice things in a ‘flourishing and fanciful*’ fashion in books for which I do take some responsibility. *Ah, Mrs Ruck-Keene. She was responsible for much. As you do when you’re 15, I was developing a signature.  She wrote, as quoted above, inContinue reading “Event at StonyWords6 last week”

For the sharp-eyed reader …

The more perspicacious amongst you will have noticed that the puff for my book in the previous post was provided by the chap with whom I shared a stage at StonyWords6 last week. What can I tell you – the writer’s world is a small and somewhat incestuous one. However, I can assure you that no thumbContinue reading “For the sharp-eyed reader …”