‘Where the Gulls Cry’

My new book of short stories, Where the Gulls Cry, set in and around Weymouth is out now! The book contains 28 little stories. ‘Sea Foal’ is illustrated by Em King, and each of the other 27 by Mat Cross. We pride ourselves on having made the illustrations look just as good on Kindle asContinue reading “‘Where the Gulls Cry’”

Review: ‘Never: A Word’ by Andy Christopher Miller

In 2018 I heard Andy Miller give a ‘Friends of Weymouth Library’ talk about growing up in Weymouth, published as The Naples of England. So interesting were his memories that I at once offered to review the book. At that time he hinted that there were matters in the memoir that deserved a book ofContinue reading “Review: ‘Never: A Word’ by Andy Christopher Miller”

The last ever Crabchurch History Talks!

If you are local to Weymouth in Dorset, the last ever Crabchurch History Talks are taking place this year and, as a special, this time only, extra there is to be a book fayre attached. My books will be there, on the the “Weymouth writers and friends” stall. The fayre is open from noon onContinue reading “The last ever Crabchurch History Talks!”

‘The Shoe Mender’s Lament and other short stories’ by Peter Ruffell

Peter Ruffell’s short foreword tells the reader that these 17 little stories, and the poem which completes the book, started life during writing sessions at Off The Cuff, a writing workshop in Weymouth. The length of these stories reflects that: they’re a little longer (and, thus, meatier) than flash fiction, but short enough to readContinue reading “‘The Shoe Mender’s Lament and other short stories’ by Peter Ruffell”

Review: ‘The Naples of England’ by Andy Christopher Miller

This is a most interesting memoir of a Baby Boomer growing up in Weymouth, Dorset. Miller was born ‘at the beginning of a New Age. 1946. The world had been scoured, scorched and cleansed at a terrible cost. Chance had chosen me and my generation to be its most fortunate beneficiaries.’ I also believe thatContinue reading “Review: ‘The Naples of England’ by Andy Christopher Miller”

Actual face-2-facery! Tues 9 October

Yup – that’s next week. “I KEEP six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who.” (Kipling) This and other conversations: We will have books available to buy.

‘Nothe Fort and beyond: in defence of Weymouth & Portland’, (2017) by Susan Hogben

Weymouth loves its local history. Books about aspects of it abound. I reviewed another of them recently (Philip Browne’s The Unfortunate Captain Peirce …). Those I have read are characterised by meticulous research and a love of quirky detail. So it is with this book on the creation of Nothe Fort. The author, Susan HogbenContinue reading “‘Nothe Fort and beyond: in defence of Weymouth & Portland’, (2017) by Susan Hogben”

Undo changes to annual dogs-on-town-beach permission

If you live in Weymouth and like to walk your dog on the beach in autumn, winter and spring, please consider signing this petition which some of us have put together. Just click the link at the bottom of the post, and you should arrive at the place of signing. If you are walking yourContinue reading “Undo changes to annual dogs-on-town-beach permission”