A word of warning: adverts

I believe sometimes adverts appear at the bottom of posts in free blog plans such as this one of mine. Be advised that last time I clicked on one, it was a scam. I inadvertently ‘subscribed’ to a range of products, none of which worked, from a company (in the States) with no point ofContinue reading “A word of warning: adverts”


Review: ‘Spring’ by Ali Smith

This is my first brush with Ali Smith’s work, and I have joined in at book three of a tetralogy. Oh dear, I hear you say. That’s not going to go well, then. Au contraire. Spring is without doubt the best novel I have read this year, nor do I anticipate I shall read another asContinue reading “Review: ‘Spring’ by Ali Smith”

Review: ‘Yukon Audit’ by Ken Baird

I like it warm. Anything north of Watford Gap is, to me, the frozen north. So why did I pick up a novel which quite clearly says it is about the genuinely frozen north: the Yukon? It was, indeed, a warm review of the book by Pete Barber for Big Al and Pals. Apparently KenContinue reading “Review: ‘Yukon Audit’ by Ken Baird”