Review of ‘Bretherton, khaki or field grey?’ By WF Morris

I have no idea, now, how I came across this rather peculiar book. It is one of the Casemate classic war fiction series. It is set in the first world war, a period which I know to be a period of poetic flourishing, but had always assumed to be rather under-represented by fiction. W FContinue reading “Review of ‘Bretherton, khaki or field grey?’ By WF Morris”

Review: ‘The Naples of England’ by Andy Christopher Miller

This is a most interesting memoir of a Baby Boomer growing up in Weymouth, Dorset. Miller was born ‘at the beginning of a New Age. 1946. The world had been scoured, scorched and cleansed at a terrible cost. Chance had chosen me and my generation to be its most fortunate beneficiaries.’ I also believe thatContinue reading “Review: ‘The Naples of England’ by Andy Christopher Miller”

New review in Frost magazine

There is currently an enthusiastic review in Frost magazine for my novel Wonders will never cease. If you’re stuck for a Christmas pressie for someone who has a connection to the Open Uni, why not get them a copy? They can spend 12 happy days of Christmas looking to see if they’re in it …Continue reading “New review in Frost magazine”

Review – ‘The Book of Dust, Vol 1: “La Belle Sauvage”‘ by Philip Pullman

We have been waiting 22 years for more about Phillip Pullman’s steam-punk world, where every human is accompanied by a totem animal. Is it worth the wait? Yes. If you haven’t read the “His Dark Materials” trilogy to which this is a prequel I think you will manage fine. I would say start here, exceptContinue reading “Review – ‘The Book of Dust, Vol 1: “La Belle Sauvage”‘ by Philip Pullman”