The Piatti string quartet comes to Leighton Buzzard

Here’s the review of the last concert before Christmas 2011. Don’t forget, you can match this up with LBMC’s website here: On Saturday the 3rd of December Leighton Buzzard Music Club hosted an evening with the Piatti string quartet. As those who’ve read these reports before will know, LBMC gets very good artistes; butContinue reading “The Piatti string quartet comes to Leighton Buzzard”

Leighton Buzzard Music Club: Richard Uttley

LBMC’s ‘season’ runs from September of each year round to the following May, with concerts at roughly monthly intervals. This is my review for the first concert of the current season. 28 September, 2011 Rejoice! LBMC’s new season got underway on Saturday last (24th September). LBMC like to begin with a piano recital. And youContinue reading “Leighton Buzzard Music Club: Richard Uttley”

Reviews I do for Leighton Buzzard Music Club

I review for the LBMC in an ad hoc, non-expert sort of way. The results appear in the Leighton Buzzard Observer. I thought My Reader (if s/he is not a resident of the delightful Leighton Buzzard) might possibly be interested in these reviews. The artistes are usually youngsters beginning to  make their mark on theContinue reading “Reviews I do for Leighton Buzzard Music Club”

Indie writing scene?

Vanessa Gebbie and various literati (with yours truly holding a watching brief) have recently been discussing e-books and self-publishing generally on Facebook. Now that there is Kindle anyone can put a reasonably professional-looking produce in front of readers, so this is timely. Vanessa – rightly – raised the queston of quality. And whether, despite the ease of acquisition withContinue reading “Indie writing scene?”