‘Lena’ by Malcolm R Campbell

So glad finally to have got around to consuming this third part of Campbell’s magic realism trilogy. I have been looking forward to it for ages. Like the first two books, it is set in the Florida Panhandle, where Jesus co-exists happily with haints and hexes. This time the story rests with the ‘sweet kitty’,Continue reading “‘Lena’ by Malcolm R Campbell”

Great new review of my first novel, ‘Is death really necessary?’

reviewed By Charles Remington for Readers’ Favorite  “Teddy Goldstein is dying, but she manages to leave her highland home and travel by jet pod to Edinburgh for the funeral of her father. Later, at the reading of the will, she is surprised to have been left the company which had been her father’s lifetime obsessionContinue reading “Great new review of my first novel, ‘Is death really necessary?’”

“30 Pieces of Silver” by Carolyn McCray

This is a really interesting novel. It is definitely in Dan Brown’s wheelhouse. If you like esoteric mysteries you will enjoy this. Its controversial aspect is presumably that it revisits and recasts the Crucifixion story, to good effect, and gives Judas a different motivation. I have re-examined Judas’s supposed betrayal myself in fiction, so amContinue reading ““30 Pieces of Silver” by Carolyn McCray”