Get ’em when they’re young …

I’ve just been alerted to the most astonishing book for children. It is American.  It’s called ‘My Beautiful Mommy (note Am spelling) and has been written by Michael Alexander Salzhauer. I’m not going to post a link. It just encourages them. It sets out why American Mommies want to, or should, have plastic surgery. I am almost speechless (but, of course, that doesn’t stop the fingers tippy-tapping). One hopes (I am standing on a virtual soapbox here so that you can all see my indignation clearly) that it won’t get many takers over here. What an extraordinary idea. When did the world get so strange?

I channel-hopped into that programme about celebrity plastic surgery disasters last night and sat there mesmerised for nearly ten minutes muttering ‘how?’ and ‘why?’. In the end it was making me nauseous so I hopped off into one of the CSIs. It comes to something when you find CSI less gruesome than whatever else you’ve been watching.

Never, ever try to eat supper in front of CSI. If you’re eating spaghetti they are dealing with intestines. If you’ve got liver for dinner, guess what they’re microwaving on CSI. Even vegetation isn’t safe to eat. Look at those killer microbes all over that lettuce! Aargh.

But seriously – if you should see ‘My Beautiful Mommy’ in a bookshop and think it’ll be reinforcing for you and the littlies – have a good look inside it first.


One Response to “Get ’em when they’re young …”

  1. childtasticbooks Says:

    Ah yes. The lovely plastic surgery book for beginners. Wonder if they will do one about ‘Don’t be afraid of mummy (mommy) if she comes home with a trout pout.’


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