Georges Perec is my hero, by Caron Freeborn, Circaidy Gregory Press, 2015 (£7.99 from the publisher)

Caron Freeborn is a writer who has recently shifted her focus from prose to poetry. Her first collection, which came out in May of this year from Kay Green’s Circaidy Gregory Press, demonstrates that the shift has been well worth it: Caron is a fine poet. This is poetry that is of its time and place (its time being NOW and its place being Essex, for Caron is an Essex girl through and through).Product Details

In these poems you will find a fresh and honest way of looking at the world. The poet has thought hard about how to express the world she inhabits. Her aperçus are leavened with wit and humour a-plenty (which I always appreciate – you catch way more flies with honey than with vinegar) in titles such as ‘My friend is descended from Byron’, ‘Taxonomy of Yawning’ and ‘Everything tastes like chicken’. There are references to classics, ancient and modern, eg ‘My last duchess’, ‘Sense of an Ending’, ‘Mother’s Little Helper’. There are poems which create strange allegories (‘Love Hurts’) and some which add to the fine British tradition of glorious nonsense poetry (‘Smile in a day’, ‘Birds of prey’) leaving their point stuck into the reader’s skin like a barb; some are even sharper, cutting the reader (‘Hunger Artist’). There are poems about children, about parents, about being a woman, and about being a human being from Essex in the twenty first century.

It’s a powerful collection which ranges very broadly, largely in a pentameter which is sometimes iambic and sometimes less formal. The blank-ish verse approach suits the subject matter well, as many of Caron’s subjects speak to the reader from the page, and this technique is a conversational one. It is no surprise to learn in ‘About the author’ that Caron is currently working on a novella in blank verse. I look forward to that.


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