Finally I have some quality time to give my book a push. Which includes making this blog look like it’s mine rather than any-old-body’s … The header’s pretty flash, eh? It’s an extraction of the cover artwork, which was created (at light speed!) by my very dear friend David Baxter. Talented man. Hope you like it.

The book – Is death really necessary? – is science fiction-ish. It’s driven by characters that are more anti than hero, it deals with the end of personal petrol-based transportation as we know it, multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. Dysfunctional romances are plentiful, as are golf carts. You can get it from Also online from WH Smith or Waterstones. If you’re in the States you can get it from or Barnes & Noble online.

This is the back cover copy :

“In 2038 the enormous potential of nanonics has finally been realised. Now it can heal the terminally sick at a molecular level. Terrorists can also use it to turn vital petrol supplies into something resembling molasses. This is the story of what happens when white nanonics meets black nanonics.”

And this is a couple of review extracts, also on the back cover:

“The plot is intriguing and suspenseful … this author could clearly develop into a major voice in the sci-fi thriller field.” (Publishers Weekly)

“It’s a writer’s maxim that there are no original ideas: what matters is how you handle the old ones. Nanotech has been in the news and in fiction for some time, as either a miracle solution or apocalyptic destruction. The author wisely puts the characters in the foreground with nanotech as one aspect of the social and political setting – but a crucial aspect. I was reminded of Theodore Sturgeon’s work.” (Barbara Gordon,


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